DQ-3005 Single Point Ignition Coils OE NO.1115315 DR37 APPLICATION Buick

DQ-3005 Single Point Ignition Coils OE NO.1115315 DR37 APPLICATION Buick



1115315 DR37


1115466 D535


1115491 D537


1115317 D544


1115468 D560


10477208 D573










806673T 817378T



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Product Details

ApplicationAuto Engine Parts
sizeOEM Standard
WarrantyTwo year or 50,000 km
ApplicationAuto Ignition System
Quality100% Professional Test
MOQ50 Pcs
PackingNeutral Packaging or Customized box
ColorPicture Showing
Delivery time10-50 Days,usually depends on the quantity
PackageNeutral Packaging
Item Description:Ignition Coil,Auto Ignition CoilOEM No.:New
Material:Plastics & Metal&CopperCondition:
Pins:ColorPicture Showing
Warranty:2-years / 50,0000 kilometersCar Fit:For Cars
MOQ:100Size:OEM Standard
Shipping Terms:DHL,EMS,TNT,UPS,as your requirementsPayment Terms:Western Union, T/T,L/C
Packing Details:Neutral Packaging or Customized boxDelivery Time:20-40 days after order, usually depends on the quantity

Enterprise Strength

JEC is Committed in the ignition coil industry over the past two decades to research and innovation

Established in 2000, JEC is a DQ-3005 Single Point Ignition Coils OE NO.1115315 DR37 APPLICATION Buick manufacturers specializing in the research & development of automotive ignition coils. With a modern factory building covering an area of 30000m2, the automatic production line and advanced testing equipment, JEC can achieve an annual output of over 9 million high-quality ignition coils and sell domestically as well as to existing markets in Europe, North America, South America, etc. JEC has High aspirations and resilience after two decades to become the leader of the ignition coil industry in China.
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    Established in 2000

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    Plant area

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