What is Pencil Ignition Coil?

Update:Jun 25,2023
Summary:Ignition Coils are used to convert low voltage current from the ignition system to high-voltage spark energy needed for the air/fuel mixture to ignite......
Ignition Coils are used to convert low voltage current from the ignition system to high-voltage spark energy needed for the air/fuel mixture to ignite at the spark plug. The ignition coil produces the spark that starts the combustion process that drives your vehicle forward and keeps you going.

An ignition coil is a ferromagnetic coil assembly with a primary winding and a secondary winding. The secondary winding has a higher number of turns than the primary winding. The coil assembly is enclosed in a housing to protect it from the heat and petrol vapours that are present in engine bays. The housing also needs to be able to withstand the high-voltage that the coils produce, and the wires that connect them to the car's spark plugs.

The primary winding of a coil is made up of copper wire or other conductor, wrapped around a cylindrical bobbin. The bobbin is insulated from the magnetic core by an overmold. The core is a ferromagnetic steel cylinder. A projection extends radially from the cylinder, and is supported on the insulating overmold.

There are a variety of different designs of ignition coils, and they can be found in both modern cars and older vehicles. Some of them are grouped together in a coil pack, and these units are called rail coils. The primary coils in these units are arranged parallel to each other, and they are fitted across a row of several spark plugs. Other types of coils are grouped into single units known as pencil coils or top plug coils, and these are fitted directly above the spark plug holes.

Pencil coils are designed to take advantage of limited space, and they can be found in many applications including cylinder head ignition systems. They can deliver substantial primary output, even at short dwell periods. However, they may not be as strong as other types of coils during long dwell periods, and they are known to be failure prone.

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