Ignition Coil Manufacturer as Spark Plug Coils

Update:Jun 22,2023
Summary:Ignition coils, also known as spark plug coils or ignition windings, are passive two terminal components in an electric or electronic circuit that opp......
Ignition coils, also known as spark plug coils or ignition windings, are passive two terminal components in an electric or electronic circuit that oppose sudden changes of current by storing energy in magnetic form. They are an essential part of the automotive ignition system and are used to produce a high-voltage spark to ignite the air-fuel mixture and start the combustion process in an engine. The most common types of ignition coils are solenoid and inductive, which contain one or more cylindrical, toroidal, or disk-like ferromagnetic cores that store energy to create the spark needed for combustion.
The global market for automotive ignition coils is expected to grow significantly over the forecast period. This growth is primarily driven by an increase in vehicle production, particularly in emerging economies, as well as rising per capita incomes. In addition, rising demand for commercial vehicles is expected due to a growth in construction, e-commerce, and mining activities.
Yura Tech Co Ltd, is an established manufacturer of Ignition Coils, spark plugs, and various automotive components in China. Their product is designed and developed to cater for the changing eco-friendly automobile era. Their R & D team is dedicated to developing new low-carbon, high-fueled vehicle parts technology. In order to keep up with the latest in technology, they are constantly upgrading their manufacturing facilities and processes to improve quality and efficiency.
In addition to producing a wide variety of ignition coils, the company manufactures spark plugs, air filters, oil filters, brake pads, and many other automotive components. Yura’s main mission is to provide customers with the highest quality products at affordable prices. They believe in combining innovation and technological advancement with traditional craftsmanship to make their products as efficient as possible.
An ISO 9001:2008 certified custom manufacturer of ignition coils, including solenoid and inductive versions. Capabilities include design and prototype work, potting, field, encapsulated, and varnished coils. Products are made with insulated wire with high dielectric strength, single or multiple layer winding designs, and various bobbin materials. UL and RoHS compliant. JIT and Kanban services available.
NGK Spark Plugs is a global company that is not capable of manufacturing 100% of the SKUs in house. Therefore, they have partnered with a global supply base to ensure that they have a full coverage program. All of these vendors are vetted by the NGK global headquarters for quality and manufacturing capabilities. All products are tested to meet OE specs to guarantee that they are up to par.
Valeo Service is a leading original equipment and aftermarket manufacturer of automotive electrical, cooling, thermal, and lighting systems. The company’s aftermarket parts are produced for a wide range of applications, from passenger cars to heavy trucks and industrial equipment. They are also known for offering a range of battery replacement and maintenance kits.
ACDelco is a brand of the GM Manufacturing Company, which offers solutions for thermal, electric, ignition, and fuel systems. They offer a variety of spark plugs and ignition coils that are designed to meet OE standards and are manufactured using premium materials. The company is committed to providing superior customer service, and their automotive products are backed by an industry-leading warranty.