Choosing an Ignition Coil Factory

Update:Jul 27,2023
Summary:An ignition coil transforms the battery's voltage into the thousands of volts required to produce an electrical spark that ignites the air and fuel mi......
An ignition coil transforms the battery's voltage into the thousands of volts required to produce an electrical spark that ignites the air and fuel mixture in your engine, powering every drive you make. It's an essential component of your vehicle, and when it fails, you might experience stumbling, a loss of power or worse. Luckily, a new ignition coil isn't too expensive and can be easily installed.

An automotive ignition coil is a metal container with copper wiring that's coiled around a ferromagnetic core, either cylindrical or toroidal in shape. The coiled copper wires create the magnetic field that holds the copper core, which in turn attracts the cylinder's spark plug, creating the electrical spark that ignites the air/fuel mixture. The spark will then travel from the spark plug to the combustion that powers your engine.

The ignition coil's design and material must be resistant to heat and moisture in the engine bay and function reliably. It's also critical that oil and petrol vapours can't harm the housing, as this could compromise its ability to function properly. The housing must also be able to accommodate the electrical connections, which are typically soldered on and sealed.

Ignition coils are made from high-grade materials, such as stainless steel or copper. They can also be manufactured with a variety of windings, cores and leads. They're also available in different designs and sizes, including square, rectangular or custom shapes. Some types are designed to operate in a range of frequencies, input voltages and inductance values.

Besides supplying replacement ignition coils, some manufacturers also provide components such as points, condensers and distributor caps. Their products are used in automotive, industrial and aircraft applications. They offer services such as machining, welding, fabrication, assembly, packaging and repair. They have an ISO 9001:2008 certification and a UL listing.

While there are many aftermarket parts that claim to improve performance, not all of them are a good choice. It's important to choose a brand that has been tested under real-world conditions and not just some company capitalizing on the popularity of OEM parts by digging into their market share. TRQ's ignition coils, for example, are designed to optimize fuel mileage and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Whether your car or truck is old or new, you should replace the ignition coil when it starts acting up. A bad one can cause hard starting and even cause the spark plug to fail. It's a cheap part to replace, so you should do it as soon as possible. Our online auto parts center has the ignition coils you need for a smoother, more reliable ride.