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Pencil ignition coils are directly installed on the top of the spark plug to minimize power loss by directly supplying voltage to the spark plug.
Jiaercheng's pencil ignition coils are used in modern electronic ignition systems, do not require HT leads, and require less space in the engine compartment.
We are a professional exporter of pencil ignition coils and promise to bring benefits to our customers with the lowest selling price.
All JEC ignition coils are built to achieve or exceed OE specifications and are known industry-wide for their reliability and performance. JEC ignition coils convert low voltage into high ignition system voltage, creating an electric spark sent to the spark plugs which ignites the fuel.
Key Features
• Meets or exceeds OEM specification
• Excellent mechanical stability and corrosion protection
• Direct fit application
• Lower fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emissions for your vehicle
• Ensures reliable voltage for smooth engine performance
Raw materials introduction
• Plastics conform to BASF standards in Germany
• Enameled copper wire is from ELEKTRISOLA Germany
• The Ignition module is from SANKEN Japan and ON Semiconductor USA

Enterprise Strength

JEC is Committed in the Pencil Ignition coils industry over the past two decades to research and innovation

Established in 2000, JEC is a Pencil Ignition coils manufacturer specializing in the research & development of Pencil Ignition coils. With a modern Pencil Ignition coils factory building covering an area of 30000m2, the automatic production line and advanced testing equipment, JEC can achieve an annual output of over 9 million high-quality ignition coils and sell domestically as well as to existing markets in Europe, North America, South America, etc. JEC has High aspirations and resilience after two decades to become the leader of the Pencil Ignition coils in China.
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Pencil Ignition coils Industry Knowledge Extension

What is so special about pencil ignition coils?
Pencil ignition coils, also known as plug ignition coils, are special because they are a more advanced ignition system than traditional distributor-based ignition systems. Pencil ignition coils deliver a more precise and powerful spark to each individual spark plug, improving engine performance and fuel efficiency. They are also more reliable and require less maintenance than distributor-based ignition systems.

What are the advantages of pencil ignition coils?
Pencil ignition coils have high ignition energy, more stable performance, are convenient for EFI control, easy to use, install and maintain, and integrate some optimized control circuits to make ignition control better and greatly reduce electromagnetic interference.
In addition, the pencil ignition coils integrate the ignition control module and the ignition coil, which is suitable for multi-cylinder sequential independent ignition, which reduces the cost and maintenance cost.
Pencil ignition coils is the name of the ignition coil. Pencil ignition coils are equipped with high-voltage ignition wires and ignition coil trigger modules to reduce energy loss, enhance combustion, and improve fuel efficiency. It is an ignition coil configured for all cylinders. The ignition coil is installed on the top of the spark plug , Reduce electromagnetic radiation, improve the working stability of electronic devices in the car.
This ignition method is suitable for precise ignition through the camshaft sensor and cylinder knock sensor, and is suitable for any cylinder of the engine, especially for engines with 4 valves per cylinder.

How to replace pencil ignition coils?
Replacing pencil ignition coils usually involves the following steps:
Identify faulty ignition coils by retrieving any relevant error codes with a code reader or diagnostic tool.
Remove the electrical connector and any mounting bolts or screws securing the faulty ignition coil.
Gently twist and pull to carefully remove the ignition coil from the spark plug.
Install the new ignition coil by aligning the mounting holes and pressing it firmly into place.
Reconnect the electrical connectors and any mounting bolts or screws.
Repeat the process for any remaining faulty ignition coils.