What Is The Effect Of Replacing The Ignition Coil?

Update:Oct 25,2021
Summary:   It is quite high, even 700 to 800 degrees Celsius, at this time it will easily lead to a fire.   The automobile ignition coil is also called an aut......

  It is quite high, even 700 to 800 degrees Celsius, at this time it will easily lead to a fire.

  The automobile ignition coil is also called an automobile ignition coil. The material is made of silica gel technology, with a low-temperature resistance of minus 40 degrees, high-temperature resistance of 220 degrees, and high voltage resistance of 35KV; the wire core is made of silica gel conductor, which has stable resistance and superior conductivity; the wire body is reinforced with multiple layers and is of good material. , Good quality ignition coil has a longer service life.

  From the internal structure of the ignition coil, the high-voltage ignition wire is divided into single-core, three-core, four-core, and five-core. In principle, the more cores and the lower the resistance, the higher the ignition intensity and the more expensive the price. However, there are too many cores and too strong current. If special packaging and shielding materials are not used, electromagnetic interference will occur, causing the car audio and car computer to be electromagnetically interfered with and unable to work normally, and excessive firepower can easily cause car engines. The incompatibility of the car will cause the car to tremble, reduce the life of the ignition coil and spark plug, and the car audio and car computer can not work normally due to electromagnetic interference.

  If we replace the high-voltage ignition wire, will there be interference harmonics that interfere with the water temperature sensor because the high-voltage ignition wire has almost no resistance, will it increase fuel consumption, will it burn the ignition coil?

  The interference wave is caused by the spark plug without resistance. If there is r in the spark plug model of the car, it means that the spark plug has resistance, and there will be no interference wave affecting the car's electrical appliances. Even more will not burn the ignition coil, because the output voltage of the ignition coil is adjusted at the factory and is in line with the parameters, so it will not cause damage to higher-level high-voltage lines and spark plugs. If the car is replaced with a high-level ignition coil, the high-voltage wire and spark plug are not replaced, so that the high-voltage output from the ignition coil will destroy the low-level high-voltage wire and spark plug.

  As for whether replacing the ignition coil will increase fuel consumption, just changing the high-voltage line will not do much, but it will not cost more fuel than not changing it. If you want to save fuel and increase power, you must ensure the full combustion of the fuel, and you must replace the spark plug with a relatively high ignition rate, and the high-voltage line that can fully transmit high-voltage and high-current and the ignition coil with high-voltage output. It is also possible to properly adjust the advanced angle of the ignition coil on the premise that the high-voltage line and the spark plug are properly replaced.

  Friends who want to replace the high-voltage ignition coil, must see the model of their spark plug clearly when buying, look for the model to buy, and choose the ignition coil of good material, there is quality assurance, quality can be ensured, and can also be guaranteed Life, does not affect the driving safety of the car.