What Are Pencil Ignition Coils?

Update:May 05,2023
Summary:A Pencil Ignition Coil is a type of ignition coil that is used to ignite fuel in engines with electronic systems. It is mounted directly on top of a s......
A Pencil Ignition Coil is a type of ignition coil that is used to ignite fuel in engines with electronic systems. It is mounted directly on top of a spark plug, minimising power loss. It is used in applications with 2 to 16 inline cylinders and V-type engines.
The operation of an ignition coil is based on a magnetic field, generated by the flow of battery current through the primary winding and iron core. This magnetic field produces a voltage that is high enough to spark the air/fuel mixture in the cylinders, causing it to burn.
This is a simple process, but there are some important details to understand. The primary winding is made from copper wire with a laminated iron core that acts as an insulator. This helps to prevent the wires from short circuiting. The secondary winding is made from copper wire that is insulated from the primary by layers of oiled paper insulation.
An ignition coil works in the same way that an electric transformer does, by converting low battery voltage to high voltage needed for sparking the cylinders. This is done by wrapping a series of copper wires around an iron core, creating a magnetic field. The magnetic field transforms the battery’s low voltage to thousands of volts. This then reaches the individual spark plugs through a mechanically driven distributor mechanism, creating an electrical spark to ignite the fuel.
NGK ignition coils are designed and manufactured at NGK’s ISO 17025 accredited lab to OE durability and performance. This means they have the correct size, shape and number of windings to produce the maximum amount of spark energy in your engine.
These coils are available as single or dual spark versions, so you can find the best coil for your vehicle. NGK ignition coils are also compatible with many different types of fuel, so they are an ideal choice for the performance enthusiast.
The Pencil Ignition Coil comes in a variety of different styles and can be fitted to many different vehicles. Some pencil ignition coils are fitted to the engine’s spark plugs themselves, while others are attached to the end of the spark plug in a coil pack.
This system is a very popular choice in modern cars and trucks because it uses electronic controls to regulate the amount of fuel delivered to each cylinder. It is also much quieter than a distributor-based system and is often more effective.
It also takes up less space in the engine compartment and is more environmentally friendly. It is also a great choice for older vehicles because it reduces the risk of corrosion and oil leaks.
ELTA Automotive are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of ignition coils, and have developed a comprehensive range of coils including single and dual spark ignition coils. Their coils are manufactured to original equipment specifications and tested on site in the UK.
They are covered by a 3-5 year warranty depending on the brand.