Pencil Ignition Coils

Update:Mar 23,2023
Summary:Ignition Coils are a crucial component of your car's ignition system. They provide the high voltage necessary to ignite your engine's air-fuel mixture......
Ignition Coils are a crucial component of your car's ignition system. They provide the high voltage necessary to ignite your engine's air-fuel mixture and spark plugs. This helps to power your vehicle and save on fuel costs.
Ignition coils come in several different types, but they all work the same way to generate spark energy. The coil contains an insulating core and two windings: one that creates a magnetic field and the other that carries a high voltage to the spark plug.
The primary winding is connected to your battery's low voltage, while the secondary winding provides the high voltage needed to power your spark plugs and ignite your engine's air-fuel mixture. The current flow through the windings can be controlled using a contact breaker or transistor, which opens and closes the circuit to control the amount of voltage that passes through.
There are three main types of ignition coils: pencil coils, top plug coils and block coils. Pencil coils, also called can type or distributorless coils, are a traditional form of ignition coil that are attached to the cylinder head in the same place as the spark plugs.
These coils are used in many different types of vehicles and offer a high output of spark energy, making them ideal for older and classic cars. The oil inside the coil acts as both an insulator and a coolant, which is why they are commonly used in vintage and classic cars.
ELTA Automotive stocks a large range of Pencil Ignition Coils, including many of the leading OEM brands from Europe and Asia. All coils are manufactured to OE specifications and tested onsite in the UK to ensure that they perform as expected, backed by a 3-5 year warranty depending on the brand you choose.
Some types of Pencil Ignition Coils have the added benefit of being compatible with a crank angle sensor, which can improve the performance of your vehicle by regulating the timing of the ignition system to maintain consistent power output. This feature is useful for vehicles that have variable valve timing, which can cause the ignition to run rough or even backfire.
A variety of mechanical and electronic crank sensors are available to monitor the position or rotational speed of your engine's crankshaft. The device then sends signals to your ignition system that control when each spark plug is fired.
The crank sensor is important because it allows your vehicle to start more consistently and safely, without requiring long crank times. It also keeps the cylinders firing correctly, which means that your fuel efficiency is optimized and you get more miles per gallon.
You can find pencil ignition coils for a wide range of makes and models, including many Honda, Acura, and Saturn vehicles. These coils are made from top quality materials and are a great value for the money.
These are a great choice for consumers who want to replace a worn out or damaged coil in their Ford, Nissan, Toyota, and other mid-grade engines with four, six, or eight cylinders. The coils have been designed with superior winding construction and are made from heavy-duty copper.