Ignition Coil Maintenance Cannot Be Ignored

Update:Oct 09,2022
Summary:  In the concept of many people, maintenance is nothing more than the replacement of three filters, oil, and other consumables. In fact, during the op......

  In the concept of many people, maintenance is nothing more than the replacement of three filters, oil, and other consumables. In fact, during the operation of the vehicle, many parts are constantly worn, and the scope of routine maintenance and inspection is far from limited to the three filters, oil, brake pads, spark plugs, etc. In many places, if you do not pay attention to inspection and maintenance, say Unexpected failures may occur at any time.

  Below are a few components that are often overlooked in routine maintenance.

  ignition coil

  Many people know that spark plugs need to be replaced regularly, but they neglect the maintenance of other parts of the ignition system, and the ignition high-voltage line is one of them. When the engine is running, there are often tens of thousands of volts of high-voltage pulse current on the ignition wire. Because it works in a high-temperature, dusty, and vibrating environment for a long time, aging or even damage will inevitably occur. Therefore, like the spark plug, it is also a consumable that needs to be replaced frequently. The aging and damage of the ignition wire will greatly reduce the ignition energy, increase the fuel consumption of the engine, decrease the power, and cause a serious misfire, which is a fatal failure for an engine with a three-way catalytic converter. According to foreign experience, even if there is no fault, the ignition high-voltage line needs to be replaced every 20,000 kilometers. Many domestic car owners often wait until the engine runs erratically or even fails to start before thinking of checking the ignition system, but at this time, the wasted fuel and engine wear and tear due to potential damage to the ignition system components have far exceeded its value. In addition, the distributor cover, distributor, block ignition rails, ignition coil, spark plug, and other components in the ignition system should also be within the scope of routine maintenance and inspection.

  brake disc

  The brake disc and the brake shoe are a pair of friction pairs. When the brake shoe is worn, the brake disc will also wear to a certain extent. This principle is very simple, but many people only pay attention to replacing the shoe when maintaining the vehicle. , but often neglected to replace the brake disc. The consequences of excessive wear of the brake disc are very serious. First, due to the reduced surface flatness, the actual contact area becomes smaller, resulting in insufficient braking force; When the temperature rises rapidly, the phenomenon of thermal recession is more likely to occur. All of these are very dangerous while driving. Some repair shops put the severely worn brake disc on the lathe for surface treatment, commonly known as "disc". In this way, the surface is flat, but the disc becomes thinner, and the thermal recession during braking will be more serious. In addition, the high temperatures generated during processing can anneal the brake disc, further reducing the mechanical strength. Generally speaking, after the brake shoe is replaced 2 to 3 times, the brake disc should also be replaced. Don't feel bad about these hundreds of dollars, after all, human life is priceless.

  Generator Bearings

  Many repairmen are now nicknamed "stevedores", which means they can only replace parts and do not repair. As long as some components are maintained according to regulations, their life can be greatly extended, and the generator is one of them. A few years ago, the generator was still an expensive component in the car. At that time, there was a whole set of maintenance rules for the generator in the maintenance regulations of the car, such as lubricating on time, replacing the bearings, adjusting and replacing the carbon brushes, and adjusting the contacts. Point clearance, etc. Now with the reduction in the price of parts, the routine maintenance of generators is gradually being ignored by people. If the bearings are checked and replaced according to the above regulations, the life of the generator can be extended by at least 1 time. Generally speaking, when the vehicle travels 60,000 to 80,000 kilometers, the generator should be overhauled. In addition, the bearings of the water pump, power steering pump, and air-conditioning compressor should also be checked regularly.

  Component Connector

  Except for a very few important electrical connectors on the car that use gold contacts, most of the other connectors use copper-zinc alloy. Under normal circumstances, its reliability is guaranteed, but if the car is exposed to high temperature and high humidity for a long time, operating in a bumpy environment, these joints may cause loose, rusted, poor contact, and other failures. Therefore, during routine maintenance, you should focus on checking the connectors of the computer, sensors, nozzles, and other components on the car. If you find any looseness or corrosion, you can use Vaseline to deal with it, or replace the plug with a new one.