How To Control Ignition Coil Quality

Update:Jul 29,2022
Summary:  As we all know, the lifeblood of any product is the quality of the product, and the ignition coil is no exception.   When we use the ignition coil, ......

  As we all know, the lifeblood of any product is the quality of the product, and the ignition coil is no exception.

  When we use the ignition coil, there are often various reasons that lead to the quality of the ignition coil. Then, what are the factors that affect the quality of the ignition coil? With more than 20 years of experience in the ignition coil industry, JEC has summarized the influence Factor on the quality of ignition coils.

  1. Pay attention to the current of the ignition coil

  The ignition coil should be used within the designed rated current range and should not exceed the maximum carrying current, otherwise, it is easy to burn out.

  2. Appropriate inductor package size and appearance

  Although the ignition coil has reached the corresponding performance parameters, the ignition coil can theoretically ensure that the inductance achieves the desired effect. However, when manufacturing the finished product, the position of the ignition coil in the PCB should be considered, and the appropriate installation method, package size, and appearance should be selected. to ensure product realization.

  3. Attention must be paid to the use environment of the ignition coil

  When using the ignition coil, the working environment should be fully considered. First of all, pay attention to whether the temperature, humidity and surrounding electromagnetic interference signal sources of the product will affect the normal operation of the ignition coil.

  4. The coil in the power supply circuit is prone to burn out due to too much current. It may be that the filter inductor first heats up, and in severe cases, it burns open. At this time, the voltage output circuit of the power supply will be open, and the fault appears as no DC voltage output.

  5. Wire type and wire diameter selection

  Choose the most suitable wire diameter for the ignition coil winding, preferably from the commonly used inductance wires, which can reduce the cost.

  6. Pay attention to the working frequency of the ignition coil

  At low frequencies, the ignition coil generally exhibits inductive characteristics and is mainly used for energy storage and filtering. However, at high frequencies, the ignition coil exhibits impedance characteristics, which play a role in blocking flow, accompanied by energy consumption and heating, and the reduction of inductive effects. The high-frequency characteristics of the inductors are different.

  7. Pay attention to the Q value of the ignition coil

  Take the magnet coil ignition coil as an example, the same inductance, the use of different magnet coils, the final Q value will be different, according to the actual Q value requirements of the ignition coil, choose a suitable magnet coil.

  8. Some fine-tuning coils will also show that the inductance caused by the loose magnetic core is incorrect. At this time, the circuit where the coil is located cannot work normally, and the loss of the signal increases, or there is no signal output at all.

  6. The plant area is nearly 30,000 square meters, so there is no need to worry about the production capacity